About Us


I am a Certified Dietician with a career interest in nutrition-based patient care, disease control and health awareness. Being raised in a culinary kitchen helped me choose this path. I am also a business woman running several personal/family businesses in parallel. This fact helps me bring a practical approach to my programs because I feel the challenges of the time-rushed life.


I am dedicated to understand, teach and help you meet your goals and manage your diseases. I discharge you with a healthy life style as well as nutrition handy skills (basic information about food, body needs, calorie count, and recipes…)

My Programs

My programs are based on scientific studies with clinically proven outcomes. My approach is flexible to personalise your plan coherently with your work/life schedule, routine and metabolism. Based on my previous experience, I recognise that the word "diet" tends to frustrate individuals, demoralise them and sidetrack their thoughts from what is healthier. I insist that the word "diet" never be used to refer to eating plans and life style changes. I see the cycle of eating as a relationship between person and food. Therefore the key of success of this relationship lies in the adoption of an individualised approach. This will insure a better outcome and compliance.

Education & Experience

My dynamic career has spanned over 6 years in 3 different countries. I have worked as a trusted nutrition expert with numerous leading hospitals, corporations and associations. To complement my career, I got certified in both kinesiology and psychology. Working hard to earn my Dietetic licensure was simply to gain your trust regarding the information I share. I’m also active in probono work, helping teenagers and young adults with eating disorders. Implementing nutrition programs in their curriculum and healthy food on premise, are my long term targets in the schools I work with.


I want to inspire and guide you transform your lifestyle using both my experience and knowledge. We all deserve to live a mentally and physically healthy life.